Handmade gold-plating with gold, silver, copper or bronze

The company offers not only hot gold-plating, but also handmade gold-plating, an artisanal technique that gives value to the furniture. It can be realized with goldsilvercopper or bronze and it is possible to have it for all the products, shafts, frames and profiles created by Laprofilnoce, but also for furniture supplied directly by the customers.

The handmade gold-plating is made by the skilled hands of the decorators which study in details the space and the type of laying required as to gold-plate the surface with thorough perfection. Among the different techniques adopted, there is also the gold leaf-plating, an antique technique that adds value to the product.

The staff of Laprofilnoce is available for high quality advices during the planning, recommending the perfect technique for the best result.