Ideas and experience

Laprofilnoce was founded in 2009 after the closure of an important factory worldwide leader in the frame’s industry. Lucio Pasqualin, production manager of that factory, translated his experience into a new company: Laprofilnoce S.r.l.

Soon after been established, Laprofilnoce has become a dynamic and avant-guarde partner for lots of furniture’s companies. It cooperates with both Italian and foreign factories developing each project with competence and passion, starting from the initial technical consultation to the delivering.

The company specialises in the production of drawn shafts, shafts for frames, finished-corner frames, furniture frames, mirrors, wall mirrors and a great range of wooden profiles studied specifically on the technical and design needs of each customer. It offers different services as varnishing and gold-plating, distinguishing itself for the remarkable quality of thehandmade gold-plating.

Today Laprofilnoce is a guarantee of the Italian quality: in its showroom, business partners can see with their own eyes the high-quality of the products, from the raw materials to the various finishes.

FSC Chain of Custody Certification