Craftsmanship quality shafts and frames

As a versatile component which can transform itself into frame or furniture, the shaft is the starting point of the production. It plays the lead role in the interior design and, for this reason, it is the subject of a continuous experimentation. At Laprofilnoce, the shaft becomes an artwork that,  shaped by mould, acquires continuously different guises.

Thanks to its machinery fleet, Laprofilnoce can in fact diversify its production giving distinctive characteristics to each project. Traditional antique frames and lacquered finish frames, frames for paintings and frames for prints represent different styles but they all keep the extraordinary quality of the company’s productions.

The extraordinary craftsmanship of artisan quality distinguishes also the mirrors, decorative and furniture components, highly seeked. Whether it is shafts, frames or mirrors, each productive process is perfectly finished by varnishing or gold-plating giving every single product a touch of originality.